AIWA EBTW-850 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Premium Metal In-Earphone Black

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Experience premium sound and wireless convenience with the AIWA EBTW-850 TWS Bluetooth Wireless In-Earphone. Sleek design, built-in controls, and a portable charging case for an immersive audio experience on the go.

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The AIWA EBTW-850 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Premium Metal In-Earphone Black is a pair of true wireless earphones manufactured by AIWA.

  • Bluetooth Version: The earphones utilize Bluetooth technology, and the specific Bluetooth version may vary. However, it’s common for true wireless earphones to support Bluetooth 5.0 or higher, which offers improved connectivity, lower power consumption, and enhanced audio quality.
  • Driver Size: The AIWA EBTW-850 is equipped with dynamic drivers of a specific size. Unfortunately, the exact driver size for these earphones is not readily available in the provided information.
  • Frequency Response: The frequency response indicates the range of audio frequencies that the earphones can reproduce. The AIWA EBTW-850 likely has a frequency response of around 20Hz to 20kHz, which covers the full range of human hearing.
  • Impedance: Impedance measures the electrical resistance of the earphones to the audio signal. The lower the impedance, the easier it is to drive the earphones with a wide range of devices. The AIWA EBTW-850 likely has an impedance of around 16-32 ohms.
  • Sensitivity: Sensitivity refers to the earphones’ ability to convert an electrical signal into sound. It is typically measured in decibels per milliwatt (dB/mW). The sensitivity of the AIWA EBTW-850 is not specified, but it’s typically in the range of 90-110 dB/mW for most earphones.
  • Battery Life: The earphones themselves have their own battery life, while the charging case usually provides additional charges. The exact battery life of the AIWA EBTW-850 TWS Bluetooth Wireless will vary based on factors such as volume level and usage patterns. Typically, true wireless earphones offer around 3-6 hours of continuous playback, with the charging case providing additional charges.
  • Charging Case: The charging case included with the AIWA EBTW-850 is used to store and recharge the earphones. It typically has its own battery capacity, allowing you to recharge the earphones on the go. The exact battery capacity of the charging case is not specified in the information provided.
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AIWA EBTW-850 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Premium Metal In-Earphone Black

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