Armaggeddon TESSERACT Core 2 Gaming Case With 2 Saber Chroma Dual Fans

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Elevate Your Gaming Setup with the Armaggeddon TESSERACT Core 2 Gaming Case

In the realm of gaming, having the right hardware can significantly impact your overall gaming experience. A well-designed gaming case not only protects your components but also enhances your setup’s aesthetics and functionality. Introducing the Armaggeddon TESSERACT Core 2 Gaming Case – an innovative and visually striking case that combines performance, customization, and modern design to elevate your gaming environment.

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The Power of Protection: Armaggeddon TESSERACT Core 2 Gaming Case

Robust Build

Say goodbye to concerns about component safety and embrace the security of robust construction. The Armaggeddon TESSERACT Core 2 Gaming Case is designed to safeguard your gaming components with its durable and sturdy build. This case ensures that your components remain protected even during intense gaming sessions and hardware upgrades.

Efficient Cooling

Designed for optimal thermal performance, the Armaggeddon TESSERACT Core 2 features efficient cooling mechanisms. With strategically placed cooling vents and the option to install multiple fans, this case helps dissipate heat effectively, preventing overheating and maintaining the ideal operating temperatures for your gaming components.

Personalization: Embrace Customization

Unique Aesthetics

The Armaggeddon TESSERACT Core 2 Gaming Case boasts a unique and visually appealing design that sets your gaming setup apart. Beyond its protective qualities, this case enhances the visual appeal of your gaming environment, making a bold statement that reflects your gaming style.

Versatile Interior

Despite its striking exterior, the Armaggeddon TESSERACT Core 2 offers a versatile interior layout. With modular drive bays, ample cable management options, and tool-less installation mechanisms, this case provides the flexibility you need to customize your gaming rig according to your preferences.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience

Seamless Connectivity

Investing in the Armaggeddon TESSERACT Core 2 Gaming Case means investing in connectivity convenience. With front-panel USB ports, audio jacks, and even integrated RGB lighting controls, this case offers easy access to essential connections, making it effortless to connect peripherals and accessories.

Ample Space

The Armaggeddon TESSERACT Core 2 provides ample space to accommodate gaming components of various sizes. From graphics cards to liquid cooling solutions, this case ensures that you have the room to install the hardware necessary for an immersive and powerful gaming experience.

  • This case includes 2 x Armaggeddon Saber Chroma Dual Gaming PC Fans
  • Model: Tesseract Core 2
  • Micro ATX Gaming PC Casing
  • See-thru side panel to View Interior
  • Pro-Structure Built with 0.7mm steel
  • Direct to MB USB 3.0 Front Panel
  • Extreme Cooling Airstream
  • Cable management with hidden cable routing
  • Supports up to 3 solid state drives
  • Supports up to 375mm length graphics cards
  • Fully Black Coated Gaming Chassis
  • Bottom Mount PSU Design
  • Package contents: PC case x1 (Power supply unit not included)
  • Free: Armaggeddon chroma blade mult-color led fan x2
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Armaggeddon TESSERACT Core 2 Gaming Case With 2 Saber Chroma Dual Fans

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