Baseus Car Charger Contactor Golden Dual USB Intelligent Black


Experience intelligent charging with the Baseus Car Charger Contactor in elegant Black, accentuated by its Golden Contact design. Power up on the go with dual USB ports, effortlessly charging multiple devices simultaneously. This charger’s intelligent technology ensures efficient and safe charging while its stylish design seamlessly integrates into your car’s interior. Stay connected and charged with the perfect travel companion for your journeys.

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Baseus Car Charger Contactor: Intelligent Charging in Elegant Black and Golden Contact

Power Up On the Go

Introducing the Baseus Car Charger Contactor in sleek Black, accented with a touch of elegance through its Golden Contact design – your ultimate travel companion for staying connected and charged while on the road. With dual USB ports, this intelligent charger ensures your devices are powered up and ready for action wherever your journey takes you.

Dual USB Ports for Multi-Device Charging

Stay prepared for all your charging needs with the Baseus Car Charger Contactor dual USB ports. Charge two devices simultaneously, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, GPS, or other USB-powered gadgets. Share the convenience with your travel companions and keep everyone powered up during the ride.

Intelligent Charging Technology

Experience efficient and safe charging with the Baseus Car Charger Contactor intelligent technology. The Golden Contact design enhances charging stability and reduces heat generation. The charger also adapts to your device’s power requirements, delivering optimal charging speed without overloading or damaging your devices.

Stylish Design Meets Reliability

Crafted with a combination of style and reliability, the Baseus Car Charger Contactor features a sleek Black exterior that complements your car’s interior. The compact and sturdy design ensures the charger fits seamlessly into your car’s power outlet, while the Golden Contact adds a touch of sophistication to your travel experience.

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Baseus Car Charger Contactor Golden Dual USB Intelligent Black

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