Baseus Lightning Cafule Cable 1.5A 2m Red


The Baseus Lightning Cafule Cable (CALKLF-C09) is a high-quality charging and data transfer cable designed for Apple devices with a Lightning port. With a length of 2 meters, it offers flexibility and convenience during use. The cable is capable of delivering a standard charging current of 1.5A, ensuring efficient power delivery. Its vibrant red color adds a stylish touch, making it easy to identify among other cables. Experience reliable performance and durability with the Baseus Lightning Cafule Cable for your Apple devices.


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The Baseus Lightning Cafule Cable you mentioned, the CALKLF-C09 model, is a 1.5A 2m cable in red color. Baseus is a popular brand known for its mobile accessories, including cables, chargers, and other peripherals.

The Lightning Cafule Cable is designed to work with Apple devices that have a Lightning port, such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. With a 1.5A rating, it is suitable for charging and syncing data at a standard speed.

The cable length of 2 meters provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to comfortably use your device while it’s connected to a power source or transferring data.

The red color of the cable adds a vibrant touch and can help differentiate it from other cables you may have. Baseus often offers various color options to match different preferences and styles.

Please note that product availability and specifications may vary over time, so it’s always a good idea to check with a trusted retailer or the Baseus website for the most up-to-date information on specific products


Brand: Baseus
Name: Cafule Cable
Plugs: USB / Lightning
Material: Aluminium + nylon + TPE
Current: 1.5A
Length: 2M
Functions: Charging / data transfer
Compatibility: Devices with Lightning port

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Baseus Lightning Cafule Cable 1.5A 2m Red

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