Divoom Timebox Evo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker


Experience Visual and Audio Delights with the Divoom Timebox Evo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

When technology and artistry converge, innovation takes center stage. The Divoom Timebox Evo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker stands as a true testament to this union, offering not only exceptional audio quality but also a captivating visual experience. Immerse yourself in the world of pixel art and dynamic sound as you embrace a new era of audio entertainment.

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Unveiling the Divoom Timebox Evo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

Pixel Art Magic

Step into the realm of pixel art with the Divoom Timebox Evo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker. Featuring a built-in 16×16 pixel display, this speaker allows you to create, display, and enjoy pixel art animations and designs. From mesmerizing patterns to custom creations, the visual possibilities are endless, allowing you to express your creativity in a unique and vibrant way.

Superior Audio Quality

Elevate your audio experience with the exceptional sound quality of the Divoom Timebox Evo. With its powerful speaker unit, this Bluetooth speaker delivers dynamic and clear sound that brings your music, podcasts, and audio content to life. Immerse yourself in an auditory journey that’s characterized by depth, clarity, and rich detail.

Elevate Your Auditory and Visual Journey

Bluetooth Connectivity

Experience the convenience of wireless audio playback with Bluetooth connectivity. The Divoom Timebox Evo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker allows you to seamlessly pair your devices and enjoy your favorite content without the hassle of cords and cables. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom of wireless audio enjoyment.

Customizable Pixel Art

Unleash your creativity with the customizable pixel art feature of the Divoom Timebox Evo. The accompanying mobile app empowers you to design your own pixel art animations or choose from a wide range of presets. With the ability to customize your visual display, this speaker becomes not only an audio accessory but also a canvas for your artistic expressions.

Embrace the Fusion of Art and Technology

Interactive Features

The Divoom Timebox Evo goes beyond standard speakers by offering interactive features that enhance your experience. From real-time social media notifications to customizable alarm clocks and interactive games, this speaker ensures that you’re not only entertained but also engaged in a variety of ways.

Compact Design

Despite its advanced capabilities, the Divoom Timebox Evo boasts a compact and portable design. Its sleek and modern appearance complements any space, allowing you to enjoy both visual and audio delights wherever you go.

  • 6W speaker w/bass port
  • 256 LED panel with 16 million colors
  • Pixel art, Animation, and text creations
  • Online pixel art gallery and community
  • 48 Built-in sleep aid & alarm profiles
  • Social media notifications & many functions
  • Mobile application with continuous updates
  • Power RMS: 6W
  • Battery: 2500mah
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • LED Lights: Yes
  • Other Features: Pixel art
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Divoom Timebox Evo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

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