Midland XT5-2 Family Walkie Talkie Set of 2


The Midland XT5-2 Walkie Talkie Set is your ultimate solution for staying connected with your family. Whether you’re on an outdoor adventure or just need to communicate within a short distance, these portable two-way radios are perfect for the job.

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Designed to have fun with family and friends, the Walkie Talkie Set two way radio is compact, colourful and with a slim shape. Easy to use and intuitive, XT 5 shows the channel you are using on the screen, as well as the battery life. XT 5 has 5 buttons, which surrounds the PTT button, useful to open communication with other radios within 4 km.

Channels: 8 PMR446
Battery: AAA Alkaline
Power: 500mW ERP
Chassis: ABS
Coverage: Up to 4km

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Midland XT5-2 Family Walkie Talkie Set of 2

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