Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L White


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Fat Free Roast / Cooking / Yogurt / Fruit Drying / Defrosting / Fermentation

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Transparent window design – Effortlessly monitor cooking status hands-free
Ideal volume of 4 L – Use the cooking space more efficiently with the special grill
Healthier cooking with less deep frying – 360° heated air circulation Enjoy low-fat and delicious meals
Low temperature cooking at 40–80°C – Yogurt, defrosting, fruit drying. Multifunctional and versatile
Smart Cloud Recipes – Easy to use Thoughtful design for everyone, including beginners
24-hour scheduling feature – Configurable presets before bedtime Enjoy delicious food in the morning
OLED display – Fun and customizable Simple and useful
Double layer basket lining – Wear-resistant and non-stick coating Easy to clean

Transparent window design Error-free cooking for beginners
Three-layer heat-insulated, transparent window for visual monitoring of cooking status in real time. No need to pull out the fryer basket to check the food. Delicious food is cooked before your eyes.
*Compared to Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L
Improve basket space with custom grid
With a cooking capacity of 1-5 people per day, an ideal volume of 4 L and a special grill that enables more efficient use of the cooking space. Cook for more people without the need for extra space.
8 – egg pie four per shelf2 – steak one per shelf12 – dried lemons six per shelf12 – chicken wings six per shelf 1 shelf of 4 egg pie can usually meet the food needs of 1-2 people.2 racks of 8 egg pies can usually meet the food needs of 3-5 people.
360° heated air circulation creates a crispy outer layer while keeping the inside soft
360° heated air circulation combined with 1600 W heating power provides rapid temperature rise and more even heat distribution inside the fryer. Efficient cooking that extracts oil from the food and retains water and nutrients without the need to add oil. Low-fat, healthy food for an enjoyable dining experience.
Baking, fermenting, defrosting: versatility at its best Say goodbye to kitchen clutter
The temperature can be precisely adjusted between 40°C and 200°C. The Air Fryer can do more than fry your food at high temperatures without oil. It can also ferment food, defrost and cook fruit, vegetables and meat. Air Fryer; oven, fruit dryer, yogurt maker etc. It incorporates the functions of various kitchen appliances such as
40 to 80°C – Low temperature range – 1800 rpm
The low temperature range is automatically matched with the low rotational speed of the dual speed motor for slow temperature rise.
Yogurt – Temperature: 40℃ Low; temperature fermentation: 8h Dried fruit – Temperature: 40℃ Low; temperature drying and baking: 5h Dried meat – Temperature: 60℃ Low; temperature drying and baking: 4h Defrosting – Temperature: 45℃ Low; temperature defrosting: 10 min
80 to 200°C – Medium to high temperature range – 2600 rpm
Medium to high temperatures are automatically matched to the high rotational speed of the dual-speed motor to allow the temperature to rise quickly.
Lamb chops – 190°C for 17 minutes Egg Piesat – 180°C for 15 minutes Chipsat – 200°C for 18 min. Fried chicken nuggetsat – 180°C for 15 minutes Mixed grilled vegetablesat – 180°C for 15 minutes Chicken wingsat – 180°C for 15 minutes
Smart Cloud Recipes Cook like the pros in no time
Access the Xiaomi Home app for over 100 smart recipes*. Even a beginner in cooking can cook with confidence. Enjoy a variety of meals throughout the week with nutritious and healthy recipes.
*Other recipes offered by OTA
OLED display Have fun cooking with customized recipes
Cooking temperature and time can be easily adjusted with just one turn and push of a button. The fryer also alerts you when it’s time to shake the food. We offer 11 preset modes, one-click smart cooking, and support for app-specific screen information. We will help you save your favorite dishes.
24-hour advance planning Prepare breakfast or dinner even when busy
Put your food in the fryer ahead of time and enjoy healthy food even in your fast-paced life, whether you’re going to work in the morning or returning from work in the evening.
Voice Control
Voice control with Google Assistant enabled devices”Hey Google, turn on Air Fryer”  Compatible Google Assistant enabled devices required. Google Assistant is not available in some languages ​​and countries. Google, Google Home and Google Nest Mini are trademarks of Google LLC. For more information, please see the official website.
Non-stick coating* Durable and easy to clean
The double-layer non-stick basket coating not only provides a healthy and safe cooking method, but is also more wear-resistant and easier to clean.

Takes up very little space and is easy to store – It does not take up much space in your kitchen.
Safety grille guard – Avoid contact with the upper heating pipes.
Pull out the basket to pause* – During cooking, the basket can be removed at any time to shake the food.
Rear cooling vents – Unique cooling design for longer lifespan.


Rated voltage: 220V–240V
Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Nominal volume: 4 L
Basket material: Alloy
Net weight/Gross weight: 3.9kg/5.2kg
Rated power: 1600W
Colour: White
Wireless connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

Weight 5.200 kg


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Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L White

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