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Baseus Converter Cable, Cafule USB3.0 Male to Female 2A


Thickened copper wire core, fast transmission
Nylon braided wire, refusing breakage
Equipped with strap for easy storage
Support 4TB mobile hard drives
1m cable for convenient using

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  • The Baseus cable allows for extremely fast data transmission.
  • Transfer your photos, videos and other documents at an incredibly fast pace. Uploading 1 GB of files takes just 5 seconds. It also supports 2A charging, and the high quality of the workmanship makes it very robust and resistant to breakage and abrasion.
  • The cable has a bold core of the copper wire, which effectively reduces all interference, thus improving the stability of signal conduction and preventing it from breaking.
  • Reinforced nylon braid protects the cable from damage. It is safe for breakage and abrasion and other minor mechanical damage.
  • Thanks to Velcro, you can fasten it and not worry about getting tangled up. Aluminum tips increase durability and protect against damage.
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Baseus Converter Cable, Cafule USB3.0 Male to Female 2A

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