Baseus iPhone 13 Pro Max 0.3 mm Full-screen Full-glass


Are you looking for a reliable screen protection for your new phone? Baseus presents a tempered glass with frame which perfectly covers the entire screen. It secures the device and user’s eyes. How? Through technology with blue-ray filter which filters and removes harmful UV radiation. The comfort of using a smartphone is substantially improved! Forget about eyes pain, feel silky smooth and soft sodium-silicate glass under your fingers; it is resistant to damage and does not smash into hundreds of tiny and sharp pieces in case of falling, it just cracks.

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  • Brand: Baseus
  • Hardness: 9H
  • Edge thickness: 1mm
  • Glass thickness: 0,3 mm
  • Material: sodium-silicate glass

Content of the set:

  • 2 x Baseus tempered glass with full-screen frame and anti-blue light filter
  • 1 x installation tool

Major features:

  • High-quality material – made of sodium-silicate glass
  • New narrow edges 1mm thick, transparent, not leaving any marks on the screen
  • High transparency and soft to the touch
  • Anti blue-ray technology, good eye protection against radiation
  • Super-thin glass 0,3 mm, screen is very sensitive to the touch
  • Hardness 9H, safe fragmentation resistance feature
  • Arched edges, smooth and safe
  • Explosion-proof protection
  • With installation tool for easier and quicker assembly.

Perfect visibility even with a glass

This protection by no means hinders use of the device. High-transparency glass guarantees very good transparency and visibility, accurate reflection of colors, contrasts. The frame is invisible – as if nothing was outside.

Perfect user’s eye protection

The Anti blue-ray filter blocks harmful light and improves quality of eyesight in order to provide perfect protection against harmful-to-eye radiation.

Very high protection of display

Thanks to tempered glass, the screen cracking risk drops by as many as 95%! This is thanks to a 4-layer glass which in spite of perfect technical parameters remains thin and invisible.

Perfectly fit to surface

The glass perfectly adjusts to the surface, does not accumulate dust as well as secures against fingerprints and drops of water. Thanks to automatic deaeration technology, it sticks properly and leaves no room for air bubbles.

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Baseus iPhone 13 Pro Max 0.3 mm Full-screen Full-glass

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