Xiaomi Dreame Z10 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


The dust tank will be emptied after cleaning.
1gal sealed dust bag holds up to 65 days of dust and debris.
LiDAR system Intelligently plans systematic paths.
High precision 3D scanners ingeniously avoid household clutter.

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Does the robot vacuum mop have special features?

The Dreame Z10 Pro has an intelligent water supply as well as carpet detection. Thanks to the controllable water supply during the mopping process, the amount of water can be adjusted to the needs during cleaning. Depending on the surface and the degree of dirt, a different amount of water is needed. The robot vacuum mop provides you with three different options via the app.

If the Bot Z10 is in suction mode, it automatically increases its suction power when it encounters a carpet. This cleans carpets deeper and more intensively.

  • The Bot Z10 robot vacuum and mop from Dreame has a self-emptying station that works with double air ducts.
  • This double airflow sucks the dust into the dust bag much more effectively.
  • Additionally, the extra large dust bag with a capacity of 4 l is sealed before removal.
  • So you do not come into contact with the vacuumed dust.
  • The robot vacuum cleaner with mop can do vacuuming and wiping in one pass and so saves a lot of time.
  • Thanks to the LDS Lidar navigation technology, Dreame Bot Z10 Pro quickly and precisely seizes its surroundings.
  • Due to this technology it can provide virtual maps in the app, which can be used for further cleaning settings

The robot vacuum mop with innovative self-emptying station

The self-emptying station of the Dreame Z10 contains a 4 l dust bag. Thanks to the large capacity, there is no need to constantly remember to change the bag. The emptying of the robot vacuum and mop is based on the innovative use of 2 air streams within the self-emptying station. So, the transport of the dust into the bag is faster and more effective. Changing the dust bag is particularly user-friendly. Before the bag is removed and changed, it is sealed in the station. This prevents hands from coming into contact with the accumulated dust and dirt from escaping from the bags.


Mopping function with intelligent water supply

The robot vacuum cleaner with mop can adjust its mopping power individually. The amount of cleaning water needed varies, depending on the dirt and type of floor. The Dreame Z10 offers water supply regulation via the app. Three options („Low“, „Medium“, „High“) can be set for this.


Flexible brush and special design

The Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is equipped with a flexible brush that adapts to the conditions of the floor. This means that the robot vacuum and mop does not lose contact with the floor so easily and therefore has a better vacuuming performance. Furthermore, the Bot Z10 is designed to prevent hair from tangling.

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Xiaomi Dreame Z10 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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