Xiaomi Mijia HUTT DDC55 Window Cleaner Robot White


Type: Window cleaning robot
Power: 120W
Voltage: 24V
Pressure: 3400 Pa
Power source: Mains powered, built-in rechargeable battery
Battery capacity: 650 mAh
Charging time: 2.5h
Control: Remote control
Weight: 1.2 kg
Size: 290 x 135 x 85 mm
White color

Can be used dry or wet without slipping: all rags are dampened, wrung out, and installed on the machine to start, the machine will not slip during the wiping process, and there is no need for manual water spraying;

Frequency conversion Suction, innovative algorithm: recognize different degrees of dirt, automatically adjust suction, refuse to slip. Do not damage glass.

Strong suction, anti-drop: variable frequency suction algorithm, automatic identification of friction, high-rise window cleaning, UPS(Un-interrupt Power System),It will not fall when the power is off.

Gecko Twisted Bionic Design: one-key automatic wet wipe twice, cleaning efficiency is higher, and wiping is more thorough

One machine can be used for multiple purposes: it can be used to clean more facade materials such as glass, ceramic tiles, mirrors, wooden doors, marble, stainless steel, etc., and it can be wiped without frames.

Ultra-thin, easy to wipe: 8.5cm ultra-thin body, the glass inside and outside the anti-theft window can be wiped

AI intelligent detection border, Intelligent planning of paths.

In addition to windows, you can also wipe other facades of the house. Can be used for ceramic tiles, glass doors, wooden doors, large wardrobes, bathroom glass, mirrors, and other materials

Weight 2.8 kg


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Xiaomi Mijia HUTT DDC55 Window Cleaner Robot White

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