Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Truclean W10 Pro Wet Dry White


Renewed cleaning power Triple the cleaning area*
Innovative large hassle-free roller brush with full surface coverage for ground-breaking cleaning power. Triple the contact area of a cylinder brush* for fast removal of stubborn stains.

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Truly clean in one go

3-in-1 cleaning functions: vacuuming, mopping and washing
90° adjustable angle for easy cleaning
Large hassle-free roller brush design
Innovative vacuum head design for corners and edges
Up to 35 mins of use on a single charge*
Intelligent dirt detection to adjust cleaning power automatically

Large hassle-free roller brush design – Triple the contact area
Cylinder* – Contact area of approximately 28c㎡

*Compared with Xiaomi’s previous generation floor cleaning product, the Xiaomi Truclean W10 Ultra Wet Dry Vacuum. Data from laboratory of Beijing Shunzao Technology Co., Ltd. Actual use may vary according to environmental factors.
3-in-1 suction, mopping and cleaning One-step floor cleaning
As the large hassle-free roller brush moves forward, it vacuums, mops and cleans the floor all at once, leaving the floor looking fresh and shiny after just one go.
Dual wet and dry cleaning
Easily take care of all sorts of messes and large stubborn stains.

Crumbs-Hair-Dust-Yoghurt-Eggs-Instant noodles

Triple-sided edge-to-edge cleaning Nowhere for dirt to escape along edges or in corners
The front and sides of the roller brush slide right up against the wall* for a seamless, thorough clean along edges and in corners.

Narrow gaps
Wall edges
Stair corners

Tangle-free roller brush Hair and fur won’t stop you in your tracks
The increased circumference of the large hassle-free roller brush means that pet hair up to 25cm* long is less likely to get tangled, eliminating the need to clean the brush by hands.
90° adjustable angle for easy cleaning
An integrated fan separates water and air so that dirt doesn’t get into the ventilator, even when the whole device is completely flat. Reach into spaces as short as 12cm* to clean constraint-free under sofas, beds, tables and chairs, covering more ground surface.
Self-powered traction Flexible steering, easily and effortlessly
No need to bend down to clean the whole house thanks to forward traction and nimble steering.
Easy to read, easier to listen to Simple, clear and intuitive
Real-time status updated on the LED digital display with multi-language audio support and on-the-fly usage instructions indicate, so you can get started right away without studying a manual.

The battery is low. Please charge it.
The dirty water tank is full. Please empty it.
Automatic mode. Tilt the device to start cleaning.

Intelligent adaptation to your needs Contextual shifting between gentle and powerful cleaning
In automatic mode, the suction power and water flow are automatically adjusted based on intelligent dirt level detection, effectively extending battery life and improving cleaning efficiency.
Smart self-cleaning in real time Clean roller brush, cleaner floors
The roller brush finishes self-cleaning in real time when cleaning the floors and instantly recycles dirty water, leaving every inch of your home spotless.

Clean and dirty water separation
Self-cleaning water flow
Waste water recycling

Smart deep self-cleaning Just press a button and you’re all set
When the main unit is returned to its dock, it can recharge automatically or run through a deep self-cleaning programme at the touch of a button*. The number of cleaning cycles is intelligently adjusted according to how dirty the roller brush and water circuit are.

One-click self-cleaning programme
High-speed drying roller brush
Smart cleaning cycles

High capacity with long battery life No matter the size, clean your home in just one go
Clean the whole house in one go with a battery with a rated capacity of 3700mAh and 35 minutes of battery life*. The large capacity of the clean and dirty water tanks reduce the need for frequent filling and emptying.

35 minutes – Battery life
640ml – Dirty water tank*
750ml – Clean water tank*

Detail-orientated designMore thoughtful features
Three cleaning modes

Automatic mode – “Smart adjustment Daily cleaning”
High-power mode – Kitchen floors, Stubborn stains
Water absorption mode – Bathroom floors, Accumulated water

Stand to pause, tilt to continue
Smart pausing options to save time and go with the flow.
Separation of solids and liquids for easy cleaning
The dirty water tank’s tiered design makes it simple to separate and empty.
Easily detachable roller brush for dedicated applications
Keep a spare roller brush cloth at hand for specific areas in your home.

Model number: B302GL
Rated voltage: 21.6V⎓
Rated power: 200W
Charging voltage: 26.0V⎓
Water resistance rating: IPX4
Product net weight: Approximately 5.4kg
Dimensions: 250×250×1100mm
Product colour: White
Dock model number: B302CN-JZ
Rated input: 26.0V ⎓ 0.9A
Rated output: 26.0V ⎓ 0.9A

Weight 5.5 kg


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Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Truclean W10 Pro Wet Dry White

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