Zipro Drift Magnetic Exercise Bike


Your flat is a perfect place to implement all your plans. The best alternative to fitness clubs. Cycling on the Zipro Drift bike, you will improve your fitness and your figure and lose weight. One device is enough to change your home into a fitness room whenever you need.

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  • A magnetic resistance system operates silently and smoothly at each of 8 levels
  • A comfortable resistance adjustment will enable you to adapt the difficulty of your exercise to your abilities and goals
  • An intuitive computer will enable you to monitor your workout efficiency
  • Sensors installed on the handlebars measure your pulse
  • Thanks to the adjustable seat height, you can improve the comfort of your cycling
  • Pedals with non-slip surface and straps with Velcro to ensure correct feet position during your workout
  • The bike can be easily moved thanks to transport rolls installed on the front base.

Cycling is one of the best ways of a cardio workout. Exercising, you improve your heart capacity, promote the saturation of your body with oxygen and start burning large amounts of calories. Depending on your cycling pace, you can burn from 250 to 800 kcal in an hour. Focus on yourself and create your mini fitness club which will deprive you of any excuses and will offer you complete freedom of decision.

The Zipro Drift bike is a great solution to improve your fitness and lose some excess weight. It has a robust structure maintaining the stability and smoothness of cycling during an intense workout, while its cutting-edge design makes it look perfect in any flat. All aspects of this device are important so learn the adjustment opportunities offered by the Drift bike to adapt it easily to your body build.

  •  Your seat height
  • Cycling resistance level
  • Pedal straps which stabilise your feet when cycling
Weight 20 kg


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Zipro Drift Magnetic Exercise Bike

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