Zipro Start Electric Running Treadmill


Treadmill right for your flat

Zipro Start treadmill was designed with all home fitness lovers in mind. It this case it is not important if you have room for a separate, private gym in your flat. Thanks to its compact dimensions, low weight, walking belt fold-ability and special transport castors, Zipro Start will match any interior perfectly.

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  •   A stable, compact structure thanks to which you can place the treadmill where you want
  •   Manual adjustment of the walking belt slope at 3 levels will help you make your jogging varied
  •   You can use it to jog 0.8 to 14.0 km/h
  •   You can easily change the speed using buttons on the handles
  •   The walking belt is covered with a non-slip material to ensure your safety
  •   The Vib-Guard Cushion shock absorbing system will offer comfortable workout and minimise joint load
  •   You can control your pulse thanks to dedicated sensors on the handles
  •   A magnetic safety key will pause the workout and stop the treadmill immediately in emergency
  •   Fold your treadmill and store it when not used without losing any space at home

Having your own Zipro Start treadmill will offer an unlimited opportunity to improve your fitness and figure. Regardless of the weather, you will be able to jog in comfortable, friendly conditions of your own home. Instead of lying on a sofa during your favourite TV series, you can watch it without neglecting your health and beauty. Place your smartphone or tablet in a mobile device stand and enjoy your favorite film or talk to friends. After you have finished your workout, you will fold the treadmill easily and use special transport castors to put it where it does not occupy too much space.

Zipro Start has an optimum walking belt width. It does not occupy too much space but offers unrestricted movements. As the belt is covered with a non-slip material, your feet gain traction and your workout is easy and safe. The comfort of jogging is improved by an efficient shock absorbing system, composed of 2 absorbing cushions and 4 shock absorbing elastomer’s. 3-stage adjustment of the walking belt slope will enable you to adapt the workout difficulty level to your own requirements and goals you wish to reach. Setting the workout speed to 0.8–14 km/h, you can walk, jog or have a circuit or fast workout. All that to ensure utmost satisfaction with every workout session.

The treadmill is equipped with a clear LCD screen. It displays all the most important workout parameters, including its duration, distance covered, calories burnt and pulse. The ability to set special workout programmes offers you a chance to work out even more efficiently and always reach the goals. If you feel you need to lose some excess weight, use the programme focused on fat burning. You can choose from 3 other manual and 24 workout programmes.

Jogging does not only improve the overall fitness of your body. This exercise strengthens abdomen muscles, ensures intense exercise of your legs and buttocks, and shapes calves and thighs. Zipro Start treadmill will help you, in an easy way and without leaving your home, to feel better in your own body, and the compliments received from your friends will make you proud of the goals achieved.

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Zipro Start Electric Running Treadmill

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