Sonoff S55 Wi-Fi Smart Waterproof Socket

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The Sonoff S55 is a smart Wi-Fi-enabled outdoor socket designed for outdoor applications. It is primarily used to control the power supply of outdoor devices or appliances remotely using a smartphone or other compatible devices.

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  • SONOFF S55 is a handy Waterproof Smart Socket that can connect to your home Wi-Fi network and make you manage and program devices from far with your phone or voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Adopts heavy-duty IP55 weather resistant material ensures it is rugged and safe when you use it outside. Customize schedules for devices to let them switch on/off automatically according to your needs wherever you are. Perfect for various occasions like garden, patio, open-air restaurant and more. Easy to install


  • Turn on/off devices from far with your phone
  • Manage connected devices with it by your voice command
  • Schedule devices on/off at a preset time
  • IP55 waterproof design for outdoor use
  • Smart scene helps activate more than one SONOFF device via a tap
  • Share devices with your friends to control them together
  • Sync the real-time device status changes to your phone
  • Keep the device in the status before power cut when the electricity system is restored
  • IFTTT service makes one action trigger another one
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Sonoff S55 Wi-Fi Smart Waterproof Socket

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