Soundcore Space One Headphones 8 | White, Blue


Soundcore Space One by Anker stands as a testament to innovation in audio technology. With its 2X Stronger Voice Reduction, 40H ANC Playtime, and LDAC Hi-Res Wireless Audio, it’s a must-have for audiophiles seeking both performance and comfort.

Soundcore Space One: Elevating Your Audio Experience


In a world filled with auditory distractions, finding the perfect companion for your musical journey is paramount. The Soundcore Space One by Anker emerges as a standout, offering 2X Stronger Voice Reduction, 40H ANC Playtime, LDAC Hi-Res Wireless Audio, and more. Let’s delve into the details of this cutting-edge audio technology.

2X Stronger Voice Reduction

Stay focused even in the midst of chaos with the upgraded noise-canceling structure of the Space One headphones. Boasting 2X more voice reduction compared to Soundcore Life Q30, these headphones excel in blocking mid to high-frequency sounds, ensuring an immersive audio experience.

Reduce Noise By Up to 98%

Equipped with adaptive noise-canceling technology, the Space One headphones can reduce external sounds by up to 98%. This feature auto-calibrates to deliver optimal noise reduction, making them perfect for any environment, from noisy trains to bustling cafes.

Journey with Hi-Res Audio

The 40mm customized dynamic drivers of Space One support LDAC for Hi-Res Wireless audio. This technology delivers 3X more detail than standard Bluetooth codecs, providing a detail-rich listening experience without the hassle of tangled wires.

40 Hours of ANC Playtime

Embark on blissful journeys with an impressive 40 hours of playtime with ANC on. For those extended music sessions, enjoy 55 hours of continuous music with ANC off, ensuring endless entertainment without battery concerns.

Crafted for Comfort and Style

Not just a technological marvel, the Space One headphones are elegantly designed for maximum comfort. The 8° rotating ear cups effortlessly conform to the contours of any head, while the soft integrated headband evenly distributes pressure for natural prolonged wear.

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Soundcore Space One Headphones 8 | White, Blue

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