Xiaomi Deerma Humifider DEM-F500 White


Xiaomi Deerma Humifider DEM-F600 Air is a feature-packed device designed to create a favorable microclimate in your home. With its large touch control panel, smart sensors, and large display, you can easily control and monitor the air condition and humidity levels. The humidifier’s antibacterial ABS plastic reservoir, combined with silver ions and carbon, ensures clean and safe water. 

Details Xiaomi Deerma Humifider DEM-F600 Air 

  • The health of the whole family depends on the quality of the air in the house.
  • Xiaomi Air  will create a favorable microclimate in the room.
  • Additionally, the device will fill your home with aromas since you can use essential oils during humidification.
  • Before reaching the ultrasonic membrane, the water is purified using charcoal filters and enriched with silver ions, known for their antibacterial properties.
  • The large display is convenient for control and monitoring of the air condition, and its soft backlight does not irritate the eyes.
  • Temperature tracking and display help maintain the most comfortable microclimate in the room.
  • The Xiaomi humidifier features a large touch control panel that instantly responds to touches and executes commands.
  • With just a few taps, the display allows you to create a comfortable humidity level in the room.
  • Smart sensors closely monitor the air condition in the room, detecting temperature changes to provide you with more data on climate changes in the room.
  • The Xiaomi humidifier has a reservoir made of antibacterial ABS plastic, effectively suppressing the growth of more than 99.9% of bacteria.
  • By preventing the appearance of microbes in the water, the reservoir maintains its cleanliness and safety for a long time.
  • A separate reservoir with silver ions and carbon can perform four functions simultaneously: it kills microbes, absorbs impurities, removes scale, and improves water properties.
  • The special material not only fights against microbes but also eliminates unpleasant odors, softens the water, and makes it completely safe for health.
  • The air intake openings have activated carbon filter meshes that trap dust and dirt in the air.
  • Subsequently, the clean air is humidified and supplied into the room, while the filters can be cleaned and reused.
  • The 5-liter reservoir of the Xiaomi humidifier can be compared in volume to 20 bottles of 250 ml each.
  • Even with a high consumption rate of 340 ml per hour, the full reservoir capacity will last for 15 hours of operation.
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Xiaomi Deerma Humifider DEM-F500 White

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