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Xiaomi Dreame L10S Pro MOP Vacuum Cleaner Black

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Quick overview:
Sees. Mops. Cleans.Like a Pro.
Strong Suction
Deep Carpet Cleaning
Dual Rotary Mops
3D Structured Light
LiDAR Navigation
€699.00 Price:



Powerful suction meets high-speed mopping.
Intense, 5,300Pa suction and advanced dual rotary mops deliver versatile automatic cleaning for carpeted and hard floors alike.
Versatile, space-saving cleaning.
Powerful vacuuming, robust mopping, and a minimalist charging dock combine to conserve space without compromising your cleaning. 4 suction levels and 3 water usage levels* facilitate adaptable cleaning for wood, tile, carpeting, rugs, and other types of flooring.
Remarkable power. Remarkable cleaning.
Digs down deep and vacuums with powerful suction to clean hair, dirt, dust, and debris for remarkable carpet cleaning—especially for families with pets. 5,300Pa* of powerful suction and a rubber brush, with an anti-tangle design that makes it easy to wipe hair off the brush, combine to shake up dust and vacuum dirt up into the 450mL* dust box.
Scrubs stubborn stains.
Powerful dual rotary mops easily mop up dirt, grime, and other messes—from food spills in the kitchen to wet floors in the bathroom. 2 firm mop pads spin at high speed to scrub up stubborn stains. The large capacity 190mL* removable water tank helps ensure thorough and convenient hard floor cleaning.
* 190mL: Based on Dreame lab testing.
Sees it. Avoids it.
L10s Pro accurately identifies obstacles and avoids objects, like tables and chairs, and detects drops to keep it from getting stuck or needing help. Let it go and let it clean. Advanced structured light and 3D imaging algorithms intelligently identify obstacles to avoid hazards and clean independently.
Senses. Cleans.Keeps Clean.
Accurately senses rugs and carpets to automatically lift mops and boost suction for deep cleaning that easily handles annoying dirt, dust, and debris. Ultrasonic technology accurately identifies rugs and carpets. L10s Pro raises it's mop pads up to 7mm* to keep carpets dry and avoid dragging dirty mops over clean floors when returning to the base.
* 7mm: Based on Dreame lab testing.
Smarter, faster, and cleans longer.
Maps quickly, optimizes cleaning routes, and provides remarkably cleaning for small and medium homes. Intelligent LiDAR navigation rapidly constructs a map in about 5-10 minutes* while the large 5,200mAh battery delivers ample power for long cleaning sessions. Save multiple maps and use them to set your cleaning preferences or view them offline by restoring your app's historical maps.
* 5–10 Minuten: Daten basieren auf Dreame-Labortests.
Get a custom clean.
Tailor your cleaning with a flick of your finger or the sound of your voice. Set up no-go zones, activate spot cleaning, or set up a virtual wall via the app to customize your cleaning preference and use voice commands to start, stop, or pause it. Detailed app controls and Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant* compatibilty put automated cleaning at the ends of your fingers and the tip of your tongue.
* Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant: The third-party service requires a device that integrates voice technology. The Dreamehome app is required for Siri.


Product Dimensions: 350 × 350 × 97mm (13 × 13 × 3in)
Battery: 5,200mAh (Battery Nominal Capacity)
Charging Time: Approx. 6 hours
Rated Power: 60W
Operation Frequency: 2400-2483.5MHz
Maximum Output Power: < 20dBm
Dust Box Volume: 450mL
Water Tank Volume: 190mL
Charging Dock Rated Input: 100–240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.5A
Charging Dock Rated Output: 19.8V ⎓ 1A

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