Xiaomi HUTT W8 Window Cleaner Robot White


The Xiaomi HUTT W8 Window Cleaner Robot is not just a cleaning tool; it’s a technological marvel, designed to make the task of cleaning windows and other smooth surfaces effortless and efficient. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, it stands out as a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home cleaning arsenal.

The Xiaomi HUTT W8 Window Cleaner Robot: Revolutionizing Window Cleaning with Advanced Technology

In the realm of home automation, the Xiaomi HUTT W8 Window Cleaner Robot emerges as a game-changer, redefining the chore of window cleaning with its innovative features and superior performance. This sleek, white model is not just a window cleaning robot; it’s a multi-surface cleaning wizard, capable of handling a variety of surfaces with ease and efficiency.

At the heart of the HUTT W8’s prowess is its dual water spray system. This system doesn’t just clean; it adapts, adjusting the spray frequency based on the level of dirt and the size of the window. Whether it’s a small pane or a large glass surface, the HUTT W8 ensures optimal cleaning performance, leaving no streaks behind.

But what truly sets the HUTT W8 apart is its intelligent design. It’s equipped with laser sensors for precise crease and obstacle detection, ensuring every inch of the surface is spotless. The robot’s path planning is both intelligent and adaptable, choosing the most efficient horizontal or vertical path for speedy and thorough cleaning.

Control of the HUTT W8 is a breeze. With intuitive one-button operation and a handy remote control for manual operation, it’s designed for ease of use. The voice output feature even announces the function being performed, adding a layer of user-friendly interaction.

Safety and reliability are paramount. The HUTT W8 boasts a self-regulating suction power, maintaining a secure grip even on wet or pre-treated windows. This, coupled with a 650mAh safety battery, guards against any fluctuations in suction power, ensuring a consistent and reliable cleaning experience.

The specs speak for themselves: a 90W power rating, 24V voltage, compact 8.3cm body thickness, and a mighty 27000 rpm/min speed. The robot’s impressive 3800Pa suction power is backed by a backup lithium battery, ensuring uninterrupted operation. The 80mL water tank, with its easily visible fill level, adds to the convenience, making refills straightforward and hassle-free.


Product Mode: HUTT W8
Power (W): 90
Voltage (V): 24V
Body thickness: 8.3cm
Speed: 27000 rpm/min
Suction power: 3800Pa
Battery: Backup Li Battery
Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Water tank: 80mL


Weight 3 kg


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Xiaomi HUTT W8 Window Cleaner Robot White

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