Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain 2L White


Say goodbye to noisy and inefficient pet fountains! The Xiaomi Pet Fountain 2L White features advanced smart technology that ensures whisper-quiet operation, providing a calm and peaceful environment for your pets.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain: 24-Hour Healthy Water Housekeeper for Pets

Circulating Water Spring: The natural choice for pets, flowing water represents a clean and reliable source of hydration for small animals. Ensure your pet’s kidney and urinary health with the Xiaomi Pet Fountain’s oxygen-circulating water circuit, offering oxygenated running water that mimics a mountain stream, enhancing their interest in drinking water.

4-Stage Filtering: Water that pets love to drink. With the four-stage efficient deep filtering, this smart pet fountain effectively intercepts fine particles, hair, and residual chlorine, ensuring healthy and tasty water that pets adore.


Operating Temperature: 4 to 40°C
Input: 5.9V⎓1.0A
Operating Humidity: 10% – 90%RH
Rated Power: 5.9W
Power Cord Length: 1.5m
Product Dimensions: 191x191x177mm
Capacity: 2L

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 191 × 191 × 177 cm


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Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain 2L White

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