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Xiaomi Wanbo X1 Projector 120 inch WiFi White


Xiaomi Wanbo X1 Projector is more than a device – it’s a gateway to immersive home entertainment. With its expansive projection size, seamless WiFi connectivity, and stylish design, this projector transforms any space into a captivating cinematic experience. Elevate your home entertainment journey and consider adding the Wanbo X1 to your setup today.

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Xiaomi Wanbo X1 Projector: Elevate Your Home Entertainment with Stunning Projection

In the realm of home entertainment, the Xiaomi Wanbo X1 Projector shines as a beacon of immersive visual experiences. With its impressive features, including a 120-inch projection capability, WiFi connectivity, and a sleek white design, this projector transforms any space into a cinematic oasis.

Immersive Visuals on a Grand Scale

Experience your favorite movies, TV shows, and videos like never before with the Xiaomi Wanbo X1 Projector. Boasting a generous 120-inch projection size, this projector turns your blank wall or screen into a canvas for larger-than-life visuals. Whether you’re hosting a movie night or presenting important content, the X1 delivers crisp and vibrant images that captivate and engage.

Seamless WiFi Connectivity

Say goodbye to the limitations of cables and cords. The Wanbo X1 features WiFi connectivity, allowing you to effortlessly stream content from your devices. Whether it’s wirelessly connecting to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, the X1 ensures that your favorite media is at your fingertips, ready to be projected in all its glory.

Aesthetic Elegance in White

Beyond its impressive capabilities, the Xiaomi Wanbo X1 Projector boasts an elegant and modern design in pristine white. This aesthetic choice seamlessly blends the projector into any home setting, enhancing the visual appeal of your space. Whether you’re showcasing it in your living room, bedroom, or dedicated entertainment area, the X1 adds a touch of sophistication while delivering exceptional performance.


Key Specifications:


  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Native Resolution: HD 1280 x 720 px
  • Supported Resolution: Up to 1920 x 1080 px (Full HD)
  • Contrast: 2000:1
  • Brightness: 300 ANSI Lumens
  • Projection Distance: 1.2-3 m
  • Projection Ratio: 16:9
  • Projection Modes: Front, Rear, Ceiling
  • Audio Enhancement: Built-in 3W Speaker
  • Connectivity: WiFi, USB 2.0, HDMI 1.4, 3.5mm Audio Jack, Analog A/V Port
  • Dust-Proof Design: Prolonged Performance and Easy Maintenance
  • Dimensions: 22 x 18.5 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 1.23 Kg
  • Color: White
Weight 1.25 kg
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Xiaomi Wanbo X1 Projector 120 inch WiFi White

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