Yamaha NS SW100B Active Subwoofer 100W Advanced Bass


Experience Powerful Bass with the Yamaha NS SW100B Active Subwoofer

When it comes to audio immersion, a powerful subwoofer can make all the difference. The Yamaha NS SW100B Active Subwoofer stands as a testament to the pursuit of exceptional bass performance. With its advanced technology, impressive power output, and precise bass response, this subwoofer is designed to elevate your audio experience and bring your entertainment to life.

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Introducing the Yamaha NS SW100B Active Subwoofer

Deep and Dynamic Bass

Immerse yourself in the world of deep and dynamic bass with the Yamaha NS SW100B Active Subwoofer. This subwoofer is engineered to reproduce low frequencies with accuracy and impact, adding a new layer of realism to your music, movies, and games. From thunderous explosions to subtle musical nuances, this subwoofer ensures that every audio detail is felt and heard.

Impressive Power Output

The Yamaha NS SW100B boasts an impressive power output of 100W, making it a force to be reckoned with in the realm of bass performance. Its power-packed audio delivery ensures that you feel the impact of every bass note, adding depth and dimension to your audio content.

Elevate Your Audio Experience

Advanced Bass Technology

Experience bass precision like never before with the advanced bass technology of the Yamaha NS-SW100B. This subwoofer is designed to minimize distortion and deliver clean, clear bass notes that resonate throughout your audio space. The result is a richer and more immersive audio experience.

Stylish Design

The Yamaha NS-SW100B features a sleek and modern design that complements any audio setup. Its elegant appearance adds a touch of sophistication to your space, making it a stylish addition that enhances both your auditory and visual experiences.

Embrace the Power of Bass

Easy Integration

Whether you’re building a home theater system or enhancing your music setup, the Yamaha NS-SW100B offers easy integration into your existing audio setup. Its compact size and versatile connectivity options ensure that it seamlessly fits into your entertainment space.

User-Friendly Controls

Navigate your bass settings with ease using the user-friendly controls of the Yamaha NS-SW100B. Its intuitive interface allows you to adjust bass levels and fine-tune your audio experience according to your preferences.


  • New Twisted Flare Port contributes to clear and tight bass
  • Advanced YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II)
  • 25 cm (10”) cone woofer
  • Stylish addition to any room
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Yamaha NS SW100B Active Subwoofer 100W Advanced Bass

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