Audio Pro C5 MKII Bluetooth Speaker Black

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The Audio Pro C5 MKII is a portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers high-quality sound with rich bass. Its compact design, sleek black finish, and wireless connectivity make it a versatile audio companion. Enjoy music on the go with this stylish and powerful speaker.

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Audio Pro C5 MKII Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Dimensions: The exact dimensions may vary, but portable Bluetooth speakers like the C5 MKII are typically compact and easily portable. It may have a height, width, and depth in the range of a few inches.
  • Weight: The weight of the speaker can vary depending on its design and materials. Portable speakers are generally lightweight for easy portability.
  • Output Power: The C5 MKII may have a specified output power rating in watts (W) or milliwatts (mW). This rating indicates the speaker’s ability to produce sound and can give you an idea of its volume and overall audio performance.
  • Frequency Response: This specification describes the range of audio frequencies that the speaker can reproduce. It is usually presented as a range in Hertz (Hz), such as 50Hz to 20kHz. A wider frequency response generally means a broader range of audio can be accurately reproduced.
  • Bluetooth Version: The Audio Pro C5 may support a specific version of Bluetooth, such as Bluetooth 4.0, 5.0, or higher. The Bluetooth version affects the quality of the wireless connection and its compatibility with different devices.
  • Battery Life: Portable Bluetooth speakers come with built-in rechargeable batteries. The battery life can vary depending on factors such as volume level and usage. It is typically measured in hours and can range from a few hours to several hours of continuous playback.
  • Connectivity Options: In addition to Bluetooth, the speaker might offer other connectivity options such as an auxiliary input (3.5mm audio jack) for wired connections to devices that don’t have Bluetooth capability.
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Audio Pro C5 MKII Bluetooth Speaker Black

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