QTX MHS-90L LED Moving Head with Laser 90W


The QTX MHS-90L LED Moving Head with Laser is a powerful lighting fixture designed for professional stage and event lighting. With a 90W LED light source, laser module, DMX control options, and versatile pan and tilt ranges, it offers dynamic lighting effects and customizable programming. Compact and lightweight, it is suitable for various venues, while its safety features ensure reliable operation. Enhance your lighting setup with the QTX MHS-90L for impactful visual displays.

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The QTX MHS-90L LED Moving Head with Laser is a lighting fixture designed for professional stage and event lighting applications.

  • Power: The fixture is equipped with a 90-watt LED light source and a built-in laser module.
  • LED Moving Head: It features a moving head design, allowing the light beam to be projected in various directions, providing dynamic lighting effects.
  • Laser Effect: The built-in laser module adds an additional laser effect to the lighting output, enhancing the visual impact of the fixture.
  • Control Options: The fixture supports multiple control options, including DMX control, allowing you to integrate it into a larger lighting setup and program custom lighting sequences.
  • DMX Channels: The MHS-90L can be controlled using 12 or 20 DMX channels, depending on the desired level of control and complexity of the lighting effects.
  • Pan and Tilt Range: The moving head offers a pan range of 540 degrees and a tilt range of 270 degrees, providing wide coverage and flexibility in positioning the light beam.
  • Color and Gobo Wheel: The fixture features a color wheel with several colors to choose from, allowing you to create vibrant and diverse color combinations. It also has a gobo wheel with rotating and static gobos, enabling the projection of patterns and textures.
  • Built-in Programs: The MHS-90L comes with pre-programmed lighting effects and patterns, allowing for immediate use without extensive programming.
  • Compact and Lightweight: The fixture is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and install in various venues.
  • Safety Features: The fixture includes safety features such as thermal protection and auto-sensing power supply voltage, ensuring reliable and safe operation.
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QTX MHS-90L LED Moving Head with Laser 90W

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