QTX Fractal-250 RGB Pattern Laser Projection

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The compact design of the Laser Projection Fractal-250 makes it ideal for a range of spaces, from small venues to medium-sized events, offering versatility and portability.

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  • Laser Projection: The Fractal-250 RGB Pattern Laser is designed to project vibrant laser patterns and effects onto surfaces, creating an engaging visual display.
  • RGB Color Mixing: It features red, green, and blue (RGB) lasers that can mix colors to produce a wide range of hues and shades. This allows for dynamic and colorful lighting effects.
  • Patterns and Effects: The laser can display various patterns, such as geometric shapes, starbursts, tunnels, and more. These patterns can be static or dynamic, adding movement and excitement to your lighting setup.
  • Built-in Programs: The Fractal-250 comes pre-programmed with a selection of built-in lighting programs, allowing for easy setup and operation. These programs can be controlled using the device’s interface or a compatible DMX controller.
  • Auto and Sound-Activated Modes: The laser has both auto and sound-activated modes. In auto mode, it runs pre-programmed patterns and effects continuously. In sound-activated mode, the laser syncs with the rhythm of the music, creating a synchronized light show.
  • DMX Control: The device is compatible with DMX controllers, which provide advanced control options for customizing the lighting effects. This allows for precise synchronization with other lighting equipment in your setup.
  • Safety Features: The Fractal-250 is equipped with safety features such as a key switch and an interlock connector. These features help ensure safe operation and prevent unauthorized use.
  • Compact Design: This laser unit has a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to transport and set up for various events and venues. It is suitable for small to medium-sized spaces.
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QTX Fractal-250 RGB Pattern Laser Projection

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