Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Mi Robot S10+ White

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Experience Unmatched Cleaning Prowess with the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Mi Robot S10+

Discover the ultimate cleaning solution with the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Mi Robot S10+. This white vacuum cleaner combines cutting-edge technology, exquisite design, and exceptional cleaning power to revolutionize your home care routine.

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Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Mi Robot S 10+ White

Dual-Pad Pressure Mopping for Unrivaled Stain Removal

Equipped with dual-pad pressure mopping technology, the Xiaomi Mi Robot S 10+ takes your cleaning game to new heights. Its precise mopping technique, coupled with constant moisture pressure, ensures the most effective stain removal. Say farewell to persistent stains and welcome a spotless home with ease.

Powerful Suction Beyond Compare

Embrace the power of the 4000Pa suction fan blower, a hallmark feature of the Xiaomi Mi Robot S 10+. Dust, debris, and even the tiniest particles stand no chance against this white powerhouse. Its multiple suction modes and a generous 450ml dustbin capacity make cleaning large areas a breeze.

Advanced Navigation and 3D Obstacle Avoidance

Navigate through your space effortlessly with the Xiaomi Mi Robot S 10+. Its advanced 3D obstacle avoidance system guarantees fewer collisions and safeguards your furniture, even in low-light environments. The LDS laser navigation system meticulously maps your home, ensuring a comprehensive and precise cleaning route.

Extended Battery Life for Efficient Cleaning

Witness unparalleled efficiency with the Xiaomi Mi Robot S10+. Its robust 5200mAh battery offers up to 2 hours of cleaning autonomy in Standard mode, easily covering expansive areas of up to 200㎡ on a single charge. Conquer your cleaning tasks without interruption.

Smart Control at Your Fingertips

Take control of your cleaning routine using the Xiaomi/Mi Home app. With custom room cleaning orders, diverse settings, and frequency adjustments, you have the power to tailor your cleaning strategy. Even when you’re on the move, a clean home is just a tap away.

Revolutionary Mopping Innovation

Experience mopping like never before with the Xiaomi Mi Robot S10+. Its double-layer composite mop pads ensure optimal water absorption and effective stain removal. Constant moisture mopping and three water flow control levels guarantee pristine floors throughout your home.

Privacy and Security First

Rest assured with the Xiaomi Mi Robot S10+. It holds TÜV Rheinland Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection Standard Certification. Equipped with the MJA1 Security Chip, your data transmission is secure. Trust in our commitment to your safety and privacy.



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